Windows Mysql Online Backup is a very useful application for managing database backups.

Main features:
1. Scheduled backup  (to remote server or to file).
2. Add a DROP DATABASE statement before each CREATE DATABASE statement
3. Add a DROP TABLE statement before each CREATE TABLE statement
4. Add a DROP TRIGGER statement before each CREATE TRIGGER statement
5. Surround each table dump with LOCK TABLES and UNLOCK TABLES statements
6. Dump all tables in all databases
7. Allow creation of column names that are keywords
8. Add comments to the dump file
9. Produce more compact output
10. Use complete INSERT statements that include column names
11. Use charset_name as the default character set
12. Write INSERT DELAYED statements rather than INSERT statements
13. For each table, surround the INSERT statements with statements to disable and enable keys
14. Lock all tables before dumping them
15. This option suppresses the CREATE DATABASE statements
16. Do not write CREATE TABLE statements that re-create each dumped table
17. Do not dump table contents
18. Do not add a DROP TABLE statement before each CREATE TABLE statement
19. Suppress the SET NAMES statement
20. Suppress the USE statement