System SPA is a computer program designed to simplify the operation of beauty salons, cosmetic salons, SPAs, tanning salons, fitness clubs and dance schools. Its task is to help manage the database of clients, employees or services. The built-in analysis module allows for better control over the company’s operations.

The program has been designed in such a way that despite its large capabilities, it remains user-friendly even for inexperienced users. With the introduction of version 2.0 SQL – the System SPA program gained unprecedented power thanks to the use of the MySQL database. From now on, the number of people working simultaneously in the program or their geographical location no longer matters. A very important aspect is also the fact that the database server can work under many different

Twelve reasons why this system is the best?

  1. Because it is used as a teaching tool in higher education.
  2. Because it is the most advanced application of this type on the market.
  3. Because the program is constantly being developed and adapted according to customer feedback and needs.
  4. Because it has already been implemented in large SPA salons.
  5. Because even on older hardware it will work efficiently.
  6. Because it is an all-in-one package.
  7. Because it is the only Polish SPA application with hotel support.
  8. A completely Polish product, adapted to Polish conditions and not a modification of foreign production.
  9. A copy for the owner/manager of the salon for free (for viewing salon work).
  10. The only such program prepared also for dance schools.
  11. The program supports 3 SMS gateways, SMS price from 10 gr.
  12. The program has over 30 graphic styles and 33 grid styles built-in.