Computer networks are the basis for the functioning of any IT system, therefore they should ensure high quality of services provided. In order for the network performance to be maintained at the highest level throughout its operation, it is necessary to properly define the needs of the system and take them into account already in the design phase, which is the key to building an efficient and secure computer network. Our company has many years of experience in building computer networks for medium and large companies from all over Poland.

As part of network design, we offer:

  • Analyzing clients’ needs in terms of computer network requirements.
  • Carrying out an audit of processes taking place in a computer network.
  • Preparing a professional computer network project, taking into account the IT needs and functional rooms.
  • Offering consultations for construction works.
  • Inventoring existing networks, including their performance assessment and measurements.

Currently, the key element of a well-functioning network are its active elements in the form of switches, routers and access devices. The proper functioning of computer networks depends on their proper selection and subsequent configuration.

  • We help to choose active devices for a specific system concept along with their appropriate configuration.
  • We design the arrangement of active devices in RACK cabinets.
  • We select appropriate power supply support systems.
  • We select appropriate cooling systems.
  • We offer consultancy and installation of gas extinguishing systems for server rooms.

Network maintenance

A specialized field of IT knowledge or the education of a specialist in this field are expensive and unprofitable for most companies.
We solve problems quickly and efficiently. We use the extensive experience and knowledge base that we have developed over the years of working with network solutions.

– Immediate response to a failure.

– Continuous monitoring of network devices aimed at eliminating potential threats resulting in reduced network performance or temporary shutdowns.

– Optimization of the current configuration.

– Maintaining up-to-date network documentation.

– Taking care of the security of network operation in terms of external and internal attacks.

– Consultancy in the field of expansion, reconstruction, change of device configuration and other issues related to the operation of a computer network.

– Contact with providers of Internet access services (ISP) on behalf of our clients (reporting connection failures, optimizing/negotiating contracts).

– Contact with manufacturers of equipment installed at our customers (handling service/warranty requests).